Learner Credential Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Learner Credential Wallet?

The Learner Credential Wallet is an open source mobile wallet developed by the Digital Credentials Consortium, a network of leading international universities designing an open infrastructure for academic credentials.

What is the Learner Credential Wallet Pilot?

Please read about the Learner Credential Wallet Pilot.

What happens when I "Create Public Link"?

Creating a Public Link is a voluntary process. We provide this functionality so you may choose to share a credential from your wallet to anyone with the link.

Creating a public link will generate a webpage to display the contents of a credential on the VerifierPlus website managed by the Digital Credentials Consortium. You are fully in control of how and with whom you share this link.

The Public Link is governed by the VerifierPlus Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

During the VerifierPlus beta, all Public Links are set to automatically expire 1 year after creation.

What can others do with a “Public Link”?

Anyone with the link will be able to view the credential that is shared via a "Public Link". We recommend you consider where, to whom and how frequently you share a “Public Link”.

I want to stop sharing a “Public Link”, how do I do so?

You manage “Public Links” from individual credentials in Learner Credential Wallet. On the home screen you can see which credentials have a "Public Link" because they have a "Public" tag. Navigate to the credential with a “Public Link” you want to unshare. Select the three dot menu in the upper right hand portion of the screen. Select “Share” and then select “Unshare”. After confirming you want to unshare the link, the link will be removed from VerifierPlus and no longer be viewable. VerifierPlus will remove the details of the credential. You can choose to “Create Public Link” again in the future and Learner Credential Wallet will create a new link.

What is “Add to LinkedIn Profile”?

You may want to share your credential on your LinkedIn Profile. We provide a shortcut to help you do so. Adding a credential to your LinkedIn Profile from Learner Credential Wallet also requires you to “Create Public Link” as that will allow visitors to your LinkedIn Profile to view the credential.

Note: Before you can add a Public Link created through the Learner Credential Wallet to your LinkedIn Profile, you must:

  • Either have already created a Public Link or Learner Credential Wallet will create a Public Link at the same time as Adding to LinkedIn Profile.
  • Have the LinkedIn app installed on your mobile device. Note: LinkedIn requires you to use the mobile app and not the website for this shortcut to work.
  • Be logged in to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Either have already created a public link or create one simultaneously with adding to your LinkedIn Profile.

I’ve tried “Add to LinkedIn Profile” and it’s not working.

Here are a set of troubleshooting steps to follow:

  • Make sure the LinkedIn app is installed on your device.
  • Make sure you’re logged in to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Make sure you’re online and your device has network connectivity.
  • If you just logged in to the LinkedIn App, try “Add to LinkedIn Profile” again from Learner Credential Wallet.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For questions about the Learner Credential Wallet please email lcw-support -at- mit -dot- edu.

To learn more about the DCC please visit us at digitalcredentials.mit.edu.